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    Now, I can’t class myself as an obsessive fan but being married to one has slowly rubbed off on me over time! Over the years I have bought my Husband Star Wars Lego and t-shirts but have recently started to purchase things for myself, my collection includes a life size cardboard cut out of Chewbacca that stands in the corner of my lounge (scaring visitors, especially ones that spend the night on the sofa), a remote control R2-D2 toy and random figurines! When I was invited to the Star Wars Celebration at the Excel Centre back in July, I got pretty excited.

    I could tell I was heading in the right direction when the DLR started to fill with people wearing cosplay. I secretly wished I had dressed up too instead of wearing my token tee. The costumes were spectacular, some must have been months in the making.



    And by the way….


    Getting up close to some of the movie costumes made me appreciate the level of detail and craftsmanship that goes into some of the pieces. The Stormtrooper uniform has to be my no.1 when it come to costume design, I think it’s where I developed my obsession with white gloss!

    04 COSTUME

    05 HELMETS

    06 ROGUE ONE

    The Propshop booth had a selection of replicas for sale and offered fans the opportunity to purchases their own Personalised Star Wars Maquette!

    Employing the same technology used to capture the actors in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, their head and face is scanned by Propshop’s state-of-the-art photogrammetry system; a scanning rig composed of 50 cameras and capable of capturing the highest possible resolution.

    Once scanned, the detailed data is sent to Propshop at Pinewood Studios, where it is processed and then 3D printed in color. The Propshop team carefully craft the replica head onto the body of a Stormtrooper, TIE Fighter Pilot or a Rebel Pilot, resulting in fans owning their own personalised maquette.

    07 PROPS

    Models of a Tie Fighter and AT-AT in the main hall

    08 PROPS

    I didn’t catch the name of this Japanese model making company, the detail on the Millennium Falcon was incredible!

    09 PROPS

    Collectible figurines

    10 MODELS

    Radio Controlled Inflatables by Bladez Toyz 


    Life size Lego

    14 LEGO

    One of the highlights of the show for me was the art gallery, this is just a small snapshot of some of the great Illustrations that were for sale.

    11 ART

    12 ART

    Gareth Edwards the Director of the upcoming Rogue One movie out later this year, was signing prints!

    13 ART

    There was all sorts for sale, everything from handbags to comics!

    15 BAGS

    Loved these quirky shoes by Irregular Choice

    18 shoes

    Emma Shipley‘s intricate Star Wars Illustrations have been turned into a stunning range of scarves and accessories.


    Star Wars Tattoos!!!! This takes Fandom to a whole new level, one I can’t see myself reaching!

    17 TATTOOS

    There were lots of celebrity appearances, talks, interactive events and cool displays lined up over the three days, even though I was only there for one day I managed to cram a lot in. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Star Wars Celebration and would highly recommend it even if you aren’t a huge fan. The only downside was come 4pm the air did start to whiff a bit of unwashed Boys so If you do go next year get there early 🙂


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