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    Nothing to do with the Dad dancing rapper, Bó Drake serves East Asian cuisine with a BBQ twist. I needed a KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) fix and a place to celebrate our anniversary so my pal Nutty came to the rescue with this gem! I’m always getting mixed up with Greek Street and Frith Street so ended up wandering the back streets of Soho looking for this place. I hadn’t been to that part of Soho in ages and was surprised to see so many new restaurants, bars and boutique shops, it reminded me a bit of Brooklyn. A few places didn’t even have any signage, I had to get up close and personal with some diners sat by a window to find out the name of one restaurant by searching for it on the menu, taped to the window!

    Back to the restaurant, we arrived at 6.30pm on a Wednesday and were given a 1.5hr time slot, usually enough for us as we see each other every day and would rather be back home by 9pm to watch a bit of Netflix before bed (am currently binge viewing Jessica Jones…AMAZING!). The restaurant had a nice cozy vibe, dimly lit with a main bar/seating area at the front and an area at the back which was a little more intimate, where we were seated. The restaurant was half full but quickly packed out, all bar a few seats at the bar, which If I went again would have prefered to sit at for a bit of people watching.

    My current drink of choice is a Margarita, only a few places in London know how to make a really great one and Bó Drake is one of them, it was divine! Ordering took a while as there was too much to choose from, I wanted to try one of everything! The menu below is a typical sample which changes daily.

    Bo-Drake menu

    Good isn’t it? 😀 Usually my eyes are too big for my stomach and I always end up over ordering but that evening I managed a bit of self control! We ordered-

    • Wagu Slider (1 x slider per portion) – heavenly, medium/rare patty on a bed of caramelised onion jelly
    • Pulled pork sliders (2 x sliders per portion) – delicious, rich flavours, melt in your mouth
    • Sweet potato fries – yum!
    • KFC- Mainly wings in the portion, lightly battered, nicely seasoned and crispy with a tasty soy garlic sauce that  I lapped up with the fries, mmmmmm! Cravings are satisfied!
    • Beets & Burrata – Great combination of flavours
    • Green Tea Pannacotta for dessert – I don’t know what I was thinking, I really dislike Green tea desserts but I love pannacotta and winter berries so decided to go for it. Not my cup of tea but for those that like a Green Tea dessert then I’m sure you will like this.

    Well within our 1.5hr time slot we finished our meal, paid up (bill was approx £75 inc service) and left feeling nicely full and inspired to check out more bars and eateries in Soho very soon. I will definitely be back for some KFC and a Margarita once my fix wears off!

    Bó Drake

    Bo-Drake 4

    All photo’s in this post are courtesy of the Bó Drake website.

    Ciao for now 🙂