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I promise, this is my last post on Design Junction till the next show! Just wanted to share my personal favourite brands, starting with Wrong for Hay.

In collaboration with Hay (one of my favourite Danish brands), this company creates furniture, lighting and accessories for the modern home. These ceramic ‘tree trunk’ vases below are hand painted with an abstract wood grain pattern and glazed on the inside.

hay 2

The mini pop up shop had a cork and steel look, selling home accessories and lighting.

hay 3

hay 4

Suspended bone china leaves with a gold finish, by Haberdashery


Bold abstract print range in conjunction with Transport for London, by Lindsey Lang and a selection of her signature wall and floor tiles.

lindsey lang

2015-09-24 11.42.55

2015-09-24 11.42.46

Inflated paper seating by WRKBNCH, which was surprisingly comfortable to sit on!

2015-09-24 11.44.49

Japanese accessories by c-syoku

c-syoku 4

c-syoku 3

c-syoku 1

Innovative modular furniture by Orla Reynolds. The set below transforms into a dining table, chairs and bookcase! Perfect for a bijoux London pad.

orla reynolds

Furniture produced in India with a contemporary edge, by Capsbury

2015-09-24 11.56.23

2015-09-24 11.56.31

Totem mill spice grinders by Tylko and ‘Hub’ table with ‘Cones’ legs. Not only can you customise your own Hub table online and choose from an option of several colours for the legs and table top, you can also specify the dimensions, creating a piece of furniture that would perfectly fit the space you need it to!



I didn’t think a strawberry could look like a work of art until I saw these sculptural objects by Studio Appétit. Specialising in Eating Design and culinary orientated products, they had some truly unique presentation concepts.

studioappetit 2

studioappetit 3

Who knew sinks could look this beautiful! It really puts my boring white ‘bathrooms direct’ one to shame! Swiss brand Laufen bought together ten renowned Brazilian architects and designers to form The Impressões project. Using the Lauren sink as a blank canvas, they were asked to visualise their interpretations of the theme ‘Brazil up Close’.

laufen 2

Biswa Bangla aims at reviving, promoting and preserving West Bengal’s heritage. There was a demonstration of Patachitra and stunning Chhou masks and brass accessories.

2015-09-24 12.31.02

bb 1



Beautiful storytelling wallpapers by Angela Groundwater. You have to look closley to really appreciate the level of detail in the design work. I particularly liked the designs inspired by OAP’s of East London, what a great way to capture the character of local people and celebrate the elderly.


ag 6 copy

Red Edition had some wonderful pieces on display.

rededition 2

What a stunning range of furniture by La Chance. Using only natural and durable materials their minimalist designs were all show stoppers especially the ‘Iconic’ full length mirror with its marble base.

la chance 3

la chance 1

The ‘Rocky’ bookcase plays with your perception of space depending on your point of view.

la chance 2

Tempo and Bolt stools.

la chance 7

There were a few other stand out brands that I didn’t manage to catch the names of, just a few pictures of products below…

djh 2

Really liked this spray painted floor and seating.

djh 7

That’s all from Design Junction till the next show, hope you enjoyed my reports. My next posts will be about Designers Block and the pencil project so do look out for those.

Ciao for now 🙂


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