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    Design Junction @ Victoria House

    2015-09-24 15.09.25

    After a few hours of drooling over at The college building I moved onto Victoria House to grab a bite to eat and check out the contemporary pop up shops. I really should have left my purse at home, I wanted to buy sooooo many things! There were over 50 shops selling everything from art to ceramics as well as a mini food court.

    I felt I could be here a while so needed some sustenance to keep me going. I discovered Gelupo the first time I visited Design Junction a few years back and In my opinion they are the best Italian Ice-cream makers In London! If you are ever in Soho, do check out their store.


    When it comes to design I love all that is bold, bright and a little unusual. These brands were my personal highlights from Victoria House…

    Octaevo is a Mediterranean inspired company based in Barcelona, creating storytelling products for your desk and home. I particularly liked their abstract print paper vases.


    octaevo 2

    octaevo 7

    octaevo 1 (1)

    Tom Pigeon is a creative studio with a simple yet striking design aesthetic. Loved the colour palette of their screen prints with touches of gold foil.

    tom pigeon 4

    tom pigeon 3

    Stunning copper and mint jewellery range.

    tom pigeon 1

    tom pigeon

    Kyoto Bowskill director of the link collective had a range of wonderful range of Furoshiki’s (hand printed, traditional Japanese wrapping cloths). They can be hung on a wall, worn as a scarf, turned into a handbag even!

    Link produces contemporary furoshiki textiles through our network of artists and designers from around the world. We aim to cross cultures and generations by creating beautiful and functional products, merging international design with traditional Japanese production methods.

    2015-09-24 14.54.01

    2015-09-24 14.54.30

    2015-09-24 14.54.18

    2015-09-24 14.54.34


    I couldn’t leave without buying the ‘Angles’ Furoshiki, with its bold geometric pattern inspired by origami techniques. I had to film how to attach the leather strap to the scarf as I’m sure I would have forgotten!

    link 2


    Giannina Capitani’s range of scarves and cushions fuelled my current obsession with Black, White & Yellow!



    Perfect for Abstract artist lovers, accessories for the home by Kangan Arora

    kangan arora

    kangan arora 1

    Eco seating by Mr&Mr

    mr & mr

    Bauhaus inspired tableware and lighting by DesignK


    Colourful homeware by Laura Spring

    laura spring

    Contemporary cards and wrap by Ola Studio


    Bodie & Fou Black & White prints

    bodie & fou

    Prints by Alison Hardcastle

    alison hardcastle

    Geo bookmarks by Dowse Design

    dowse 2

    Stationery and jewellery by Nylon Sky

    nylon sky

    Reflective wear by Henrichs


    Signs and prints by Archie Proudfoot


    Homeware by Otago


    Inca Starzinsky  jewellery


    Hope you enjoyed the post! Still one more post to come on design junction with a focus on furniture and more amazing home accessories.

    Ciao for now 🙂


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