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August 2015


    90’s Nostalgia

    sky covers copy

    Way back in the early 90’s when I was studying fashion design at Uni, Sky Magazine (not the digital channel kind) and The Face were the coolest around. Geared towards young Adults, it had a bit of everything, style, celeb interviews, club reviews, great photography, art. It was pretty useful for mood boards too as the Internet was non existent at my Uni and there was no such thing as Pinterest!

    I recently came across the copies I didn’t cut up and thought I would share them with you. For those of you who were born in the 90’s, the actors/musician’s in these pics’s that are still around today must seem ancient to you, haha. For those of you that did read the magazines, I hope it brings back some fun memories 🙂

    sky 4 copy

    sky 2 copy

    sky 6 copy

    sky 8 copy

    sky 7 copy

    sky 21 copy

    sky 3 copy

    I nearly wet myself with excitement when I bought this issue at the Newsagent’s, I was such a massive Prince fan at the time 😀

    sky 12 copy

    sky 19 copy

    sky 14

    sky 13 copy

    sky 10 copy

    sky 17 copy

    Robert Downey Jnr definitely got better with age!

    sky 23

    I don’t know if anyone remembers the rock group ‘Extreme’, I was a huge fan, especially of this guy, Nuno Bettencourt. At the time, I thought he was the most gorgeous man I had ever laid eyes on! I went to a couple of their concerts and nearly lost my voice screaming his name, haha.

    Extreme’s no.1 hit was more than words, can’t believe this has had over 89 million views!

    This remake by Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon cracked me up…

    Sorry, I got a bit sidetracked there! Below are some of the front covers of The Face magazine…

    the face covers copy

    the face 3 copy

    the face 1 copy

    the face 4 copy

    the face 2 copy

    Hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past, ciao for now 🙂

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